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Children in the foster care system are offered an enriching summer camp experience.

Men experience freedom from addiction through a life changing relationship with Jesus.

The Hope Foundation of Binghamton promotes lasting change for our communities and those experiencing hardship by enriching and equipping individuals and families in crisis and then empowering them to give back to others in need.

God is creator of the universe
and author of life. God is spirit,
and therefore, is timeless…

Jesus, the eternal Son of God,
exists uncreated and is equal
in deity with the Father…

The Bible, containing Old
and New Testaments,
inspired word of God…

To our community family is one of the main priorities. We want our children to be raised in families that foster biblical teachings and authentic friendships.

Men’s discipline causes a better atmosphere in their families, where they can become better husbands and fathers and discipline others as an example.

Learning about the women’s role in the church and society, maternal path and responsibilities through a wholehearted pursuit of Jesus and His Word.

Our ministries are created with a great passion to spread the faith in Jesus Christ around the world. Join us and become a part of our big community.